My husband is away for 10 days.

I’ve also taken some days off work — to enjoy the serenity. (Castle joke.)

I’m feeling great! Results of Atkins are kicking in after almost two weeks of no chocolate, sugar, flour, potatoes, rice.

The first place I lose weight is also the last I put it on — my waist. And thank FUCK for that. I’ve had a washboard flat tummy my entire life, so have felt like a complete blob with waist fat hanging around.

The last places I lose fat are my legs (which I hate) and my boobs (which are seriously curvy). I normally wear a 12DD, but also have bras in an E, F and G cup for bigger days! Talk about the cup spilleth over. I like having an ample curvy bust but not one that looks like two blobs stuck on my chest.

I’ve hated my legs my entire life. Do you know I’ve never worn shorts as an adult? EVER. I hate the way my legs look. Yuk. I live in long dresses and pants. Or shorter dresses with stockings. Which is fine. I feel incredibly sexy (and a little bit naughty) wearing suspenders and stockings. Especially with long leather boots. Or high heels.

I love that the weight is dropping off and that I feel good about it. Losing weight on the ‘Betrayed Spouses’ diet made me angry and resentful of my body. But now, it’s all my doing. I’m in control.

I’m taking time while he’s away to sort through bits and pieces. So much financial paperwork to go through. Not fun, but necessary.

How are you?