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This time of year, I notice hits on my blog spike something fierce.

On a normal blog, this would be cause for celebration.

On my affair blog here, it isn’t.

Before being cheated on, I bet you didn’t even know betrayed spouse blogs were, you know, a THING. (Or even the term ‘betrayed spouse’ for that matter.)

A spike in my traffic means one thing: women who have discovered affairs are Googling like crazy in an attempt to make sense of their soul-destroyed, fucked-up new reality that they didn’t ask for.

And holiday season is the worst. Holidays. When families come together. And celebrate in merriment. 

For those who have been cheated on, holidays are another fucking reminder that we’ll never enjoy Christmas the same way again.

A reminder he wanted someone else. (And did he ever really love me anyway?)

A time where we hide our utter despair and smile and try to act normal in front of family and friends.

It’s enough to want to crawl into bed and hide under the sheets.

Holidays are fucking crazy at the best of times, but after discovering your partner has cheated on you, they become excruciating. 

Even if you’ve been getting along OK with your miserable fucker of a whore husband, holidays mess with your head and remind you how gullible you were to think you had such a great husband, such a great family.

Holidays. Who needs them?

You may recall in my last blog I’d just scored an awesome job with an even more awesome salary. I’ve been in the job a couple of months now and love it!

However, it does disturb me somewhat to tell you I’ve met someone at work whom I find myself inexplicably attracted to.

Smart, witty, dominating, funny, flirty, intriguing. Even writing that description makes me smile.

When I find myself plagued with thoughts of guilt, I remind myself my husband didn’t give it a second thought when he hooked up with some married slut, so why should I?

My husband would be horrified to learn, as you may be, that this person is a woman.

Now wouldn’t THAT be the icing on the fucking cake?

Merry Christmas, my friends. Be kind to yourself.