After having three children, then discovering my husband’s affair, I decided to return to work. I hated that I had no income and couldn’t walk away from him had I decided that was my best option. I NEEDED to have my own money.

It took much longer than I expected to land a job, and when I did, all I could score was a part-time job with crumby conditions and shitty pay. My boss refused to pay me superannuation, refused to give me a work computer, refused to supply me with a working version of Word, and refused to pay me the advertised rate, bringing down my pay considerably.

I fucking hated the position I was in. They had me by the balls. I needed a job, and after dozens of job applications, I was sick of looking and I needed money. I took the job.

I did that job for a year-and-a-half. Last week I resigned from that job. Please don’t go, they begged. You are amazing, this company needs you, you are part of the family. As I smiled at them, I kept thinking, “You fucking losers screwed me from the beginning. Thank you for the job, but I’m getting the fuck outta here.”

And that’s not even the best news.

Given all of our debts, my only option was to look for a full-time job. I began looking in April. I sent applications. I went to interviews. I spoke to agencies. It is a degrading, soul-destroying process.

But last week, I finally got a job. A solid, full-time job with a legitimate employer.

And that’s STILL not the best news.

Sit down for this.

The job pays $120,000.

Take that figure in. I’M still taking it in! I simply could not believe it.

That may or may not be a big figure to you, but to me, it’s HUGE. After being out of the workforce for the better part of a decade, then working a shitty but highly regarded job, I scored a job paying $120,000! Holy FUCK.

I’d love to tell you THAT was the best news. But it’s not.

The best part was when I told my husband.

You see, my husband earns $115,000. Nothing to sneeze at, I know, but now I. EARN. MORE.


When I told my husband, I saw the fear in his eyes and I felt the power.

I can now afford to walk out should I choose.

If he fucks up again, I can afford to leave him.

And be better off financially without him!

Crazy, right?

I saw that he recognised that fact. I saw it in his eyes. Even while he was congratulating me on my new job, I saw that fear there. I felt it.

If I decide to walk away, I now can.

I have freedom.

I have choices.

I have control over my life again.