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With my anger already on high alert, it hit a new high last night.

My sister was visiting and happened to mention a video that was going viral. A video of my husband’s band with Gina doing lead vocals.

I had no idea.

He is not in the video but it was posted on the band’s Facebook page and he Liked it.

A video of THAT FUCKING BIMBO singing and he Liked it.

I mean, how fucking DENSE is my husband?

I know it’s a seemingly harmless gesture, and normally it would be.

But not to me. And not now.

My sister, who is unaware of my husband’s affair, sat there happily playing the video to me on her phone.

I mumbled something about not liking her voice and moved onto something else.

Thanks, husband, for not mentioning this. Dickhead.

My husband works in the field of social media, so to not have even mentioned this to me would have been killing him.

All this shows me is what a complete lack of respect my husband has for my feelings.

He will never GET IT.

Any shred of love or respect I had for him died in that moment I saw he had Liked the video.

I am completely dead inside.

Maybe this is the end of the line.