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A couple of nights ago, my husband and I both happened to be awake just before 3am. I was suffering from insomnia; he needed to make a quick bathroom trip.
On his return to the bedroom, I made it very clear to him that I was awake, if he was interested. Don’t need to ask him twice.
My husband’s favourite bedroom activity is to go down on me (what a coincident, my favourite activity too!). And damn, he is good. REALLY good. He doesn’t stop until I orgasm, or I push him away. If I push him away, he asks if I’m not enjoying it, but more often than not, it’s the intrusive thoughts that have me pushing his head out of the way.
He told that fucking whore that he wanted to put his hot tongue deep into her pussy, so having him do it to me really fucks with my head more than anything else.
But the other night at 3am, I tried to stay mindful. I stomped on the intrusive thoughts and focused on the sensations in my body. I concentrated on his firm hands holding my legs apart, his relentless prying tongue pushing its way inside me. I just let it be. I enjoyed the moment.
The sweet, slow-building orgasm and warm embrace afterwards made it easy to crash out. He told me I could wake him whenever I wanted to at 3am “for that”. I smiled as I drifted off.
It was a good night.