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office affair 5

I was catching up on the news of the day online last night when I noticed one of the top stories was ‘Christchurch office sex caught on camera from busy bar across the road’.

Today, 12 hours later, it’s still the top story by far on news.com.au. It has four times as many readers as the next story down.

So here’s the gist: a man and woman were having sex in an office, after hours, last Friday night. The entire scene was clearly visible from a busy pub across the street. (The pair likely thought the tinted office windows would prevent anyone from seeing in.) Naturally, pub patrons were captivated by this free porn show and photographed it endlessly. Photos of the pair went viral.

office affair 2

The problem: he’s married, she’s engaged. The two are work colleagues at Marsh, a very respectable New Zealand insurance company. Various reports have him as a senior manager in his 50s (looks younger to me), and she in her early 20s. She is possibly his secretary, according to one report.

The story goes on to say that the wife of the married man is no longer speaking to him and has been “crying non-stop”. They also have children.

We don’t know much about the female, except that “her Facebook page has been deleted”, according to a statement by Marsh, which is also investigating disciplinary action against the pair.

Apparently, neither have turned up to work this week.

office affair 3

This story brought up many feelings and questions for me.

Q. What the fuck makes this news exactly?
A. People with mobile phones who can capture it, then easily distribute it. The illicit sex angle. The affair angle.

office affair 1

Q. What must the wife be going though?
A. Sadly, too many of us will have some inkling of what she’s going through. Unlike most of us, however, our husbands’ affairs weren’t splashed across the world’s media. Some betrayed spouses have not told one living, breathing soul about their husband’s affair, outside of the blogosphere. This wife will never have to wonder what the two did together. It’s all there, captured from many, many angles.

Q. Would most men take advantage if they were in a similar situation?
A. Knowing what I now know, I’d say yes. Office affairs are insidious. Sneaky. Stealthy. Cunning. Deceitful. And unless one of the involved parties leaves, the threat remains.

office affair 4

Q. Is it right for the pub patrons / world’s media / bloggers to publish pictures of the pair?
A. They knew what they were doing. I have no problem outing cheaters.

Whores. Both of them.

If anyone wants to read the full story, you can find it here.