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As well as everything is going at the moment, I do have some no-nos when it comes to my husband.

1. Dirty talk during sex is definitely a no-no. Pre-affair, I totally got off on dirty talk. It was a major turn-on for me! But now, it just makes me queasy. When he tells me he loves the feel of my warm mouth on his cock, all I can think about is him saying the same words to that fucking whore. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. But my imagination gets the better of me. After all, I did see some of his messages to her, telling her he wanted to tenderly kiss her all the way down her back, and how he’d love to put his hot tongue inside her pussy lips. It makes me want to vomit. I can feel seething hate rising up inside me. So for now, dirty talk is off the agenda.

2. Remember that scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts tells Richard Gere she does just about anything in bed but won’t kiss on the mouth? I believe she says something like “it’s too personal”. I remember hearing it at the time and thinking “What the fuck?? She lets him put his dick inside her but doesn’t want to be kissed?? What the fuck is THAT about?”

But you know what? Julia was on the money. Kissing is too personal, especially long, deep, passionate kisses. Those kisses are for lovers. True lovers. Not that kind that fucking cheat on you. Deep pashes are a no-no. I just can’t go there yet.

3. My final no-no is new sex moves. I feel my body instantly stiffen when my husband attempts a new move. Where did he learn that? With a woman or through watching porn? Did she tell him what SHE likes, what women like being done to them? Whenever he attempts something new, like inserting a finger into my ass when I’m about climax, it totally kills the moment. And my orgasm. Damn that fucking whore! Get the fuck out of my bedroom!

Like I said in my last post, things are on an even keel at the moment. But I still have my limits.

And this list of three no-nos is where I draw the line.