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It’s been said that if your partner cheats on you, and your ‘solution’ goes something along the lines of ‘fucking someone to get back at them’, then your marriage is pretty much over.
My feeling is your spouse already made that call when they decided to shit all over your marriage.
What a betrayed spouse does after that is fair game.
The betrayed spouse – the one who remained FAITHFUL – is the one who believed in the marriage, the bond, in love.
The cheating spouse is the selfish asshole who said “Fuck that, I’m gonna go get me some fun!” and destroyed their loving partner in the process.
As a betrayed spouse, I’ve often thought about a ‘Revenge Fuck’, or ‘Revenge Affair’. See how my husband likes THAT!
The problem is, I’m a decent person and would never sleep with anyone other than the man I am married to. I cannot even imagine lying naked next to someone who isn’t my husband!
But let’s say for a minute that I was the kind of person interested in The Revenge Fuck. Who would it be? Would it be someone I know? A friend? A neighbour? A dad at my kids’ school? Someone I’d meet online? Someone I’d flirt with in a club?
I wonder if any other betrayed spouses out there have considered the ultimate revenge and who they might fuck if things were different.
Yes, your marriage would likely be over but how would you feel inflicting the same level of suffering on your cheating-ass partner? The thought is tempting, I’ll be honest.
But I just don’t have it in me.
I wish my husband had been just as fucking thoughtful.