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The day I discovered my husband’s affair, I joined a special club: a club for betrayed spouses.

I didn’t want to be a member. Ever. And yet here I am. With a lifetime membership.

I feel immense shame and embarrassment to be known as a wife whose husband has cheated on her.

And this goddam club comes with its own jargon. It angers me.

Here are some of the acronyms I had to learn and get my head around as I navigated this new environment.

BS – Betrayed Spouse. That would be me.

WS – Wayward Spouse. That would be my husband.

AP – Affair Partner.

OW – Other Woman. In my book, also known as The Whore.

MLC – Mid-Life Crisis. As in, the popular stage men are going through when they have an affair.

Fuck these fucking acronyms. I hate them. I hate everything about my husband’s affair. I hate my life at this moment. I hate myself.